Our Courses

Courses run every Thursday during Scottish school terms only. 


Chicken course
You’ll prepare chicken two ways. Firstly, classic chicken curry made with a masala sauce and traditional spices. Then you’ll marinate chicken to produce a baked dish packed with flavour. A complimentary dish of carrot and cumin sits perfectly alongside a quick and spicy tamarind sauce. Dessert is phirni, a delicately flavoured Punjabi rice pudding.


Lamb course
You’ll learn how to cook a tender lamb curry based on a traditional masala, thick, flavoursome and rich with spices. You will also make tasty lamb kebabs and a complimentary dish of potatoes cooked with carefully selected spices. Dessert is zarda, a sweet rice dish flavoured with saffron, cinnamon and cardamom.


Vegetarian course
Prepare green lentils to produce a fragrant dhal topped with a crispy ginger garnish. You’ll use the best of seasonal vegetables to create a flavoursome curry. A complimentary dish of spicy aloo tikki made with potato and egg. These are accompanied by a lively tomato raita. Dessert is carrot halwa very traditional and extremely delicious.


Fish course
A supplement will apply to this course. Depending on seasonal availability you will prepare halibut in an onion and tomato-based masala spiced with traditional Punjabi flavours, as well as succulent tandoori salmon. Accompaniments will include a classic red lentil dhal and a cucumber raita. Traditional ice cream, kulfi, makes a truly special dessert.