Scotia Spice - Authentic Curry Kit

Use our curry kit to show off new skills with authentic Punjabi food made from scratch. Inside you’ll find generations of traditional cooking know-how to start you on a journey of discovering Punjabi cooking. Each beautiful kit makes 12 delicious dishes. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves curries or who loves to cook.



You are an excellent teacher with the ability to pitch the lesson at the level of the student. Your patience at my very basic knowledge has given me the confidence to try more meals at home.
— Andy
I would urge you to take a leap and try one of Yasmin’s Scotia Spice kits... By chance I saw one of Yasmin’s live demonstrations and cannot begin to commit to words the wonderful fragrances her cooking releases, and importantly for me it was all so quick and simple.
— Martin
Just had the most fantastic day with you. We really appreciated your patience with two such spice novices! Your passion and enthusiasm for Punjabi cooking has inspired us.
— Mary